Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools is a voluntary, peer-based, non-profit association that performs peer evaluation and regional accreditation of public and private schools in the Mid-Atlantic United States and certain foreign institutions of American origin.

National Council for Private School Accreditation

The National Council for Private School Accreditation is dedicated to the accreditation process as a viable and responsible means of establishing a witness of school excellence. NCPSA is committed to accreditation based on the concept of voluntary peer recognition; that is, the principle that institutions sharing common purposes and distinctives are better able to assist one another in achieving the standards for academic excellence and responsiveness to their respective publics and the nation.

Accreditation's International

Accreditation International transcends national boundaries and assists in the development of nations’ educational systems. Ai relies on a key group of education experts and accreditors—both national and international. These experts have not only facilitated the design of Ai but are also those who will lead the accreditation processes for schools. Much of the work related to developing new accrediting associations in countries outside the USA will be done by the International Council for Education in cooperation with Accreditation International.