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Impact Basketball

IMPACT BASKETBALL is the world’s premiere destination for NBA players, international professionals, collegiate stars and high school players, as well as professional, college and high school teams worldwide. IMPACT is home to players at every level who seek to improve, develop, and transform themselves into better athletes, more highly skilled players, and more versatile competitors as they prepare for the highest levels of the game.

For the last 25 years, we have been building the best players in the world through a unique development system combining: intense skill development, customized strength and speed training, innovative nutritional programs, and instilling the mentality to constantly improve and maximize potential.

Now it’s your time.

Florida International Baseball Academy

FIBA specializes in getting kids ready for the next level. The next level could either be Junior College, a 4-year university, professional baseball, or coaching. We have a plethora of testimonials that are available upon request. All of our training smirroring what is done at the highest level. Our coaches all have professional experience and our advisory staff all coach in Major League Baseball.

Celsius International Tennis Academy

The Celsius Tennis Academy, directed by Cary Cohenour, offers a full range of competitive tennis programs to fit most any experienced tennis player’s schedule and level of commitment. Whether you want to simply improve your game, play for your school or compete on a local, state, national or even world-class level, the Celsius Family will help you reach your maximum potential.

Hockey Academy

Elevation Preparatory Academy has an excellent hockey team that stresses agility on the ice and dedication to training. This program is designed to test the abilities of each individual player with rigorous training to improve on-ice skating and agility as well as promoting character and life skills each student needs to succeed off the ice.

Soccer Academy

Elevation Prep Academy is an elite soccer program aimed at preparing players to compete at the collegiate and professional level. Adopting a methodology and philosophy that addresses the technical, tactical and physical aspects of the game as well as honing positive personal character traits and skills. Elevation Prep Academy prepares players with all the necessary skills needed to succeed in life, on an academic, competitive and
personal level.

Sarasota Cuban Ballet School