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    SPRING BREAK : March 15-18
    SUMMER May : 31-June 4
    June 14-18
    June 28-July 2
    July 12-16
    July 26-30
    August 9-13

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    In case of injury to said child, I hereby waive all claims against the organization. Including all coaches and affiliates, all participants, sponsoring agencies, advertisers, and, if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the event. There is a risk of being injured that is inherent in all sports activities, including basketball.


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    Elevation preparatory academy basketball camp will allow players to “Elevate their game and dominate the competition.” They will spend time grinding on the hardwood all week increasing their knowledge of the game and skills. We want to assure they maximize the time they spend here with specific drills instructed by high quality coaches who teach them to sharpen the fundamentals of the game. The program we have provides good old fashioned hard work that revolves around the foundational concepts and movements of basketball. We want to prepare players to thrive at their positions and utilize the correct skills in various scenarios. We want to hold everyone accountable for transitioning skills in drills to game situations and execute under pressure. When the players leave camp, they will be smarter and more confident in decision making under pressure situations. We ask that you bring two things: high energy and a positive attitude!

    Ages 7-13 are welcome to attend our camp as they develop their skills in an individual and group setting. Players will learn more effective and efficient ways to dribble, pass, shoot, and defend. They will take the next step in familiarizing themselves with a curriculum centered around the fundamentals of basketball. This will allow each player to develop their game no matter their age. We base our camp off the philosophy of participation, teamwork, to gain an athletic perspective, and have fun!

    Ages 14-18 will have the opportunity to improve their skills to a more advanced level throughout various scenarios. Repetitions and game speed are key in exploiting the talent for each individual. Pushing themselves and having all of us share the same goal is what matters most; to get better! Each player will learn to play out of the triple threat more effectively and make quicker reads in live action. The drills that are provided will be broken down to explain the reasoning behind each one. That will give them a purpose for each and every repetition. They will learn how to create more efficient shots, shooting off the dribble as well as catch and shoot. Players will acquire the skill to generate space to finish at the rim off one or two feet at multiple angles. We want to take players to that next step where they are able to compete against bigger or stronger defenders. This will help improve the physical aspect just as much as the mental.

    What we want players to focus on

    • Attacking more athletic players in transition & half court sets/ Creating space against quicker, more athletic players
    • Concepts designed to put players in position to make the game easy
    • Concepts that allow players success against more athletic players
    • Creating angles on defense in transition & half court sets
    • Creating passing angles in transition & half court sets
    • Movement Without the Ball
    • Understanding the Ball Screen Game
    • Making the proper read vs. the defense: hard hedge, soft hedge, under screen
    • Proper footwork coming off the screen
    • Understanding passing angles coming off the screen
    • Understanding how to put yourself in position to effectively use the ball screen
    • Getting open on the perimeter
    • Handling pressure in the backcourt
    • Creating Shots for Teammates and for Yourself
    • Finishing at the rim in different game situations; speed and power finishes
    • Defense – one on one & team defense; how to put the offensive player in angles
    • In-Season, Off-Season and Game Leadership
    • How to create intensity in practice
    • Relationship building tips between coaches and teammates
    1. Movement

      a. Players will be moving with/without the ball to learn how and what efficient movement means.
    2. Positioning

      a. Amplify skills tailored towards position needs. Understand how to achieve success through Impact basketball principles in game situations versus more athletic athletes.
    3. Shooting

      a. Become consistent shootings starting with routine and built towards repetition. Implement variables to help increase rhythm associated with movement.
    4. Passion

      a. Evolve players that work to master their craft and cultivate intrinsic motivation that will help achieve their goal. Learn control & diff aspects (not just ball or body) but control emotions, defensive intensity, etc.
    5. Be a leader/improve teammates

      a. Basketball was founded as a team game and that still applies. Players are to incorporate intangible characteristics that will position players around them into stronger physical and mental athletes. *Lead on & off the court and influence (what is the purpose of x?)
    • Be the player your coach trusts with the ball
    • Be the smartest player on the court
    • Be the player every teammate wants to play with
    • Help your teammates play better than they are
    • Be the player other coaches rave about